YST-SW216 10″ 100 Watt Powered Subwoofer Review

Looking for high dynamic power and low-noise speaker, then YST-SW216 Powered Subwoofer will right to have for all size of the room to listen to crisp, clear music and sounds. Thanks to its Advances YST II technology, front firing design and other sophisticated features that make it so unique and presentable for every group of consumers. After reading the Yamaha YST-SW216 review, you will surely appreciate its good sound quality and the noise-free performance. For all obsessive audiophile, it has outputs for a center channel and a subwoofer.

Also, it allows completing a 7 channel setup in conjunction with the rear surround speaker which is already in place. Including all these impressive features still, it’s come in the best value compared than any other subwoofer. Yamaha has made a good speaker for best value of your hard earning money.

Why Needs This YST-SW216 Subwoofer?

Before going to buy a product, it’s important to know about its features, indeed. But knowing the list of the featured item will not help you to determine the quality. To know about some special performance and features we have sorted some important features of YST-SW012 Subwoofer, have a look.

YST-SW216 Powered Subwoofer includes 10” powered subwoofer with a multi-range long-stroke cone. Its internal amplifier supply 100W dynamic power for a high level of volume with minimal distortion. Advanced YST II- Yamaha Active Servo Technology helps to cancel impedance to promote linear speaker motion for optimal sound pressure levels and better performance. Linear port helps minimize extraneous noise.

This subwoofer has Magnetic shielding that will prevent interference from nearby A/V components. It also has a selectable 40-140Hz high-cut filter for flexible operation. Its high-density MDF cabinet assures durability. Accurately reproduces low-end audio to ensure a robust soundscape with its 25-180 frequency response.

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Some Features & Benefits of YST-SW216 Subwoofer

Before buying a subwoofer or speakers for your home, you need to see which features and benefits are available. Today we will discuss YST-SW216 features in below:

Built for music

The YST-SW216 Subwoofer is built for providing fantastic music and sound quality. It will give you that “thump, thump” bumping sound that you usually hear on pop or any hip-hop music. Whereas on the introductory level it will have more than one note sound, but also there is some twist remains.

The speaker is made for home theater while giving you a crisp, clear sound that you want to hear. It allows you to here movie special effects like explosion, earthquake, lightening, trees falling, or noise of a helicopter with integrity. Besides the lower volume sounds are seems higher quality, and at the introductory level, you will not get those “thumb thump” sound on your music or audio tracks.

Magnetically Shield speaker

The Yamaha YST-SW216 Subwoofer also comes with a unique feature, the magnetical shield surface. It allows you to keep the speaker close to the TV or home theater without getting the glitch. Usually, ordinarily speakers are the lack of this facility, so when you put them close to your TV, they make some funny sounds or annoying noise due to the interaction of magnetic field of both devices. Those have a big room or enough space they may adjust to the fact by keeping the speaker in particular distance, but for other, it can be a painful thing.

Besides, the speaker without magnetical shield gives lots of trouble by trying to find the perfect space to hear the right sound without any glitch. That is the reason from jazz to pop, classical to Metallica all sounds perfect on this shielded speaker. Besides you have to adjust the bass output down quite a bit when the bass is overwhelming or rocking out. The speaker doesn’t have any auto features for turn it off/on. You have to plug it into switched outlets on the receiver, so it goes off and on in no time.

Easy to assemble and use

The Yamaha ST-SW216 Subwoofer is easy to assemble also. All the required cable, jack and other stuff are included with the box. You just need to follow the instruction your speaker and music system or home theater manual, that all. You can place it anywhere you want. Like, you can put it on the bookshelf, cabinet, wall mounted or just on the table. Its more than 24 pounds, so you are planning to wall-mount it makes sure it got the enough space to leave heated air and stay subtle.Easy to assemble and use:

High-density Cabinet

The YST-SW216 Subwoofer has got the highest density structure to survive in all condition and protect its all internal elements. Its MDF cabinet assures you the quality and durability of the assembly till the end. It’s made for absorbing highest level of sound pressure and the overall performance. So year after year you can get the same service and quality sound with its high durable instruments and structure.

Meant for home theater

It’s apparently built for your home theater, and after your read this yst-sw216 review it will be clear to you more. It starts out at 45 watts and has the feedback mechanism to give you a better sound quality. Its Servo technology allows to response all the way down to 25 Hz so you can hear sounds in lower tone without any problem or make any changes. Moreover, it has two input jacks on the back side instead of one and also in relatively in small size. That gives you the flexibility to connect with any type speaker mount any corner of your room.

Moreover, only have two kinds of crossover settings with the recommended one being at 80 Hz which is good for home theater. Where a subwoofer made for music and always has variable crossover settings. But these speakers adjust the setting for better sound quality for home theaters.

  • The sound quality of the speaker is excellent especially if you are going to enjoy HD movies in your home theater.
  • It offers a great sounding bass on any frequencies. It’s powerful enough to give you that entire bass you will need.
  • The Subwoofer comes with a reasonable price compare than any other speaker in this quality and range. For a reasonably priced speaker, this is a really a super performer.
  • It magnetically shields so you can place it close to your television.
  • It’s excellent for movies and TV shows but lacks the needed power for music. The increasing volume above 50% starts distorting sometimes and produces boomy sound effects. So for high-performance music playing in increasing volume, it may give you trouble a little.
  • No auto on/off features included.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Will the speaker put bass in a 12-17 room?

Answer: Absolutely, even it will be suitable for the bigger space also.

Question: Can I use my old Yamaha receiver RX-V675 to turn this on and off?

Answer: No, the speaker has manual on/off buttons behind the subwoofer.

Question: My Yamaha 5.1 receiver rated at 105 watts per channels but this subwoofer can measure 100 watts. So the question is will it work on my receiver?

Answer: Only 5 watts is not going to spoil your wish, infect it will work fine.

Question: Instead of in the corner of my room/house where else can I place the subwoofer?

Answer: you can place it anywhere in your room for it only sends out the only low frequencies that are put out by the amplifier.

Final Verdict

So it turns out the best subwoofer is meant for home there, but why? Like you read above for starters it has 100W only and dynamically tuned which starts out 45 W only. Besides its Servo-tech has the feedback mechanism to give your crisp, clear sounds. It may not be the advanced Servo Tech, but still, there is nothing close to its price range including the Servo. There is also some other futures and facilities give the speaker a unique place in the market and the heart of customers.

However, if you research, you will find either negative or positive review. Some are saying they love it, and some say they hate it. The fact is if you are listening to a Transformers movie to Blue Ray with 5.1 or 7.1 sound systems, it will blow you away. But if you want to hear to DR DRE-type music then it may disappoint you little. So if you want both movie and music performance in the up bit base choice the speaker wisely while buying the YST-SW216 Subwoofer.

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