Yamaha YST-SW012 Subwoofer 8-Inch Front-Firing Review

Yamaha YST-SW012 is great subwoofer for people who need great music with powerful voluminous bass. In this addition, the Yamaha YST-SW012 Review ensures that you will get an impressive amount of sound if you use this subwoofer. As the main purpose of a subwoofer is to increase your sound system's volume, clarity, range, and bass that case Yamaha will not let you down. However, there is no need of reproducing low frequencies while using this subwoofer. Its addition of amplified power and low frequency will allow you to reach high levels of volume too.

Yamaha YST-SW012 is an interesting addition to the world of subwoofers. Further, it has much top quality subwoofers features multi-range driver, magnetic shielding, and an audio system for all users. In detail, the front firing active subwoofer also supports by a 100-watt dynamic power. Because of this, you can rely on its quality and performance. So let’s find what more is offering this remarkable yst-sw012 subwoofer.

About YST-SW012 Subwoofer

Yamaha yst-sw012 subwoofer comes with an adjustable volume control at the rear end of the unit. For instance, it is super convenient to level up the volume of the subwoofer. Because of it has a built-in power amplifier system. Moreover, its power cord is reasonably lengthy and ensures you can position the sub at any position.

In other words, you don't have to spend much with this particular model from Yamaha. In fact, it is very affordable and super cheap. In case you’re living in an apartment that shaking the building foundation with your musical equipment but not allowed to you that case it is a perfect choice. You should opt for this because it can play loud enough for your listening pleasure without disturbing your neighbors.

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Features & Benefits of Yamaha YST-SW012 Subwoofer

If you want to know more features and benefits in Yamaha YST-SW012 subwoofer, here we comes. See details in below:

Compact In Design Yet Outstanding

You must have to say “WOW” once you start using it. Indeed the sound quality is better than any other models available for the time now. When it comes to the fine points of sound, Yamaha yst-sw012 subwoofer has no clue for complaint at all.

To tell you honestly if you read the previous compliment came from the real users you’ll realize Yamaha never compromises with quality. Still, now it is one of the top sellers on Amazon. You’ll find a dramatic improvement in years of use. Especially watching movies with big sound effects, helicopters or explosions will not compete with the desired sound.

Great Sound Quality

This choice is ideal for house use and for those who are looking for excellent sound quality. Besides, it requires easy setup. Rather it comes with a low-frequency response rating between 28 to 200 Hz. So Yamaha yst-sw216 subwoofer gives not only a wider bass range but also very low ratings. In view of the fact, it allows to go low and provide the best possible bass on a high volume range. After all, the linear port feature minimizes the extraneous noise and makes sure you only get what you expect.

Right in Size Fit with Any Decor

In general, it found the larger the surface area of the woofer the deeper it will play. Forthwith, you will also like to blend your subwoofer seamlessly with your other speakers. In effect, you can create an immersive listening experience at your room. With this intention, this Yamaha 8 Inch subwoofer will pair nicely with your small satellite or bookshelf speakers. Though this choice will be better for a cozy den or bedroom, yet its versatility will let you fit it for filling a big, open living room also.

Come With High Amplifier Power

It's high amplifier power assures enough power. You will definitely like this when to see such movie theater bass effects on your subwoofer. However, the lightweight subwoofer allows you to enjoy a 20 cm cone driver with magnetic shielding. With regards, to this, it reduces noise and provides incredible sound quality for your home entertainment or HiFi system. Here, after the driver translate the power into clear bass sound.

Advanced YST II Technology

The subwoofers solidly build and use a new Advanced YST II technology. As a result, it is quite capable of providing a precise distortion free response. These are tight, accurate and precise to enhance your music listening experience. It magnetically shielded for safe. Likewise, you can place the Yamaha yst-sw012 subwoofer near your TV, or any other monitor without any interference caused distortion.

The dynamic power it has for crushing and volume with minimal distortion. It is powerful and as well, as for giving detailed reproduction in a compact unit. Besides, it is capable of handling 100 watts power at a time. Therefore, you’ll hear all the bass sounds and even the very loudest short bursts with amazing clarity.

A Perfect Choice for the Price

You will like the back volume control for the bass. Here for a Sony 5.1 receiver, it sets at the halfway point then it takes from the receiver to calibrate the bass amount. In this addition, the sub will get really loud and deep.

That is to say; it can shake your entire theater room and fill it with bass. Even for a 15 into 35 inches theater room, you can feel the bass no matter where you’re sitting. Though many ones mentioned it does not have auto -off yet many users prefer, they can leave theirs ON all the time. Beyond this, if you want you can fit it in the back corner of your room where no one able to see it not even the little green light on the back.

Comparison with Vizio Soundbar

There is some good kind of difference you’ll find between the Yamaha YST-SW012 Review and Vizio soundbar. For one thing, it has only one RCA input on the back. It comes with a long RCA cable to connect to an RCA sub that is similar to Vizio soundbar.

Let alone; the main difference comes from the quality of sound the subwoofer offers. Right after 5 minutes of opening the box, you can enjoy a tremendous improvement of sound. It is amazing to have the feelings of surrounding sounds acquired such depth and dimensions. In particular adding this sub to a soundbar especially adding to the TV has a dramatic effect on the sound. In other words, you can play with the Volume button to get the right balance between the sub and sound level of the bar within a few minutes of set up.

The Thing You Might Not Like

The only drawback could be it does not have a crossover frequency adjustment. As a matter, of fact, this problem can sort out by using a preamp. Further, it will have all these features, and at the same time, it will not have a phase adjustment. Otherwise, for such a handy and fully powered Yamaha yst-sw012 subwoofer has a very considerable price tag. In the hope that it will be ideal for those who are working with a constricting budget. Either way in comparison with another model, this is quite light and offers a great thump for the price.

  • Compact in design, attractive and gives a good thump!
  • Come with a cable that has RCA jacks on each end.
  • It is extremely pocket-friendly.
  • The subwoofer has a longer power cord, convenient to use.
  • Its controls allow for easy hookup.
  • Few users complain it lacks a phase adjustment.
  • It does not include a crossover frequency adjustment.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: Can I use this subwoofer outside?

Answer: No, it comes with an RCA wire to connect to your receiver.

Question: Can I use this subwoofer outside?

Answer: It’s not weather proof, for indoor use only.

Question: Is it good for a simple Vizio soundbar?

Answer: Yes, it works great with the sound bar.

Question: Is it deep bass or loud? If so, how do I connect it to the soundbar?

Answer: Plenty of basses, the subwoofer has a volume control to set the volume of the base. Nonetheless, to connect it plugs it into the soundbar subwoofer output.

Final Verdict

At the end of Yamaha YST-SW012 Review, it has always been a trusted name in the home sound industry. Among their collection, Yamaha yst-sw012 subwoofer is another solid addition. Therefore people who are more intend to enjoy great sound quality without having to sacrifice too much of their fund they should go for it. This is a product of an excellent blend of bass with a fair price.

Thus there is very rare names come from reputed brands will offer you such kind of features at a limited price. According to most of the users who used this music instrument mentioned their Yamaha yst-sw012 review it totally worth the money. In a word exceptionally well priced, solidly made and highly recommended for try once for your home theater.

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