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This page of privacy policy page is going to give you all the practical information about Here you will know about how the site utilizes all the product info and provide its users.

What Info Top Ten Speakers Collect and Why?

When you are going to submit any feedback any of our comment/feedback boxes, the page will ask you to put your email address. The reason behind this fact is only for replay or informs you any significant incidents in future, if necessary. When you submit your email id in the subscription box, you will get a confirmation mail from our site. He confirmation mail asks for click the “confirmation link” and if you do so, your mail address will shift to the Weber mail marketing list of Top Ten We store it only for sending some updating information about the site if necessary. We don’t sell/give it to anyone or use your contact info for any malicious purpose.

Legally Compelled Disclosure of Information:

If the state law demands, we are obliged to discourse any of our user information stored on our site. We always believe the law preserves the rights for requesting info for legal and security rights of the nation. We will always cooperate with the legal system if we have the explanation to consider revealing any user information requiring identifying culprits or investigation for any case.

Data Security:

All the personal info submitted on the site is completely secure with us. We reserve all these data in our central computer in the head office. Besides, we have put all these in place apt physical, magnetically and electronically system includes the safeguard for assuring complete security.

Policy Modifications:

If any of our policy needs to change, we will information our user as soon as possible via email. Also when the site needs to any change or modification use will get informed by the same process.


The site some web server log files and cookies to collect some required info like time, date, visit count, etc. also we track the IP Address of the electronic device which accesses out the site for security purpose.

For Accessing or Re-correcting Information:

If you want, you can re-correct your personal info given on the site. You can ask for accessing permission to our user info database and modify the information.


The user has the unsubscription choice incline the subscription. If you want to unsubscribe from the site, you will never get any further notification from our site. The process is simple. Just got your mail and opened any mail sent from the There is an “unsubscribe” link underneath the mail, click there and follow the further steps showed in front of your screen.

You are approving:

Entering and using the Top Ten is the meaning that you agree all our terms and condition given here. The Top Ten Speakers reserves all the rights to make any changes, modification, or deduction of this privacy policy anytime without giving any notifications.

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