MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D Sub Enclosure Review

Everyone loves music. As a music lover, you will always try to buy the best music system available in the world. Good weather with a song which has a natural sound and a heavy bass has an ability to make your day. If you are looking for a product which will increase the performance of your old music system of your car or vehicle, then MTX Terminator Review will help for you.

The MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D is an ideal solution for your sound system if you are looking for an added bass to your sound system. Your old speaker may become boring, or you might not have the best quality bass and sound from it.

So you come here and searching for sub enclosure which will add a new era to your music system so that you might not get bored. We are here for you to give you the best information about the best product so that it become so much easy for you to find a product which fits your requirement.

Whom is This Product Designed for?

So, if you are looking for an unbeatable added bass and best performance, then the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D sub enclosure with subwoofer is best for you because of its so many unique features and quality. We will talk about all of its best feature below. We listed it on our top list because of its amazing bass and best performance. So, let’s know about some of its unique features.

  • If you are a bass lover and want more booming bass from your car or vehicle speaker, then this product is for you.
  • Do you want car’s music system? Is your music system become old and will not fulfilling your expectation? Then you come to the right place and this product is for you.
  • If you are looking for the best product which gives you unbeatable bass and unmatched performance compared to other sound systems available in the market, then MTX Audio Terminator subwoofer is perfect for you.

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Features & Benefits Of MTX Audio Terminator Subwoofer

The MTX Audio Terminator Subwoofer is the perfect one with high performance. If you need to know more about this subwoofer, read our MTX Terminator Review and discover more features. See details in below:

Perfect Sub Enclosure for Your Sound System

An ideal solution for your old sound system. It adds extra bass to your system which is really amazing. If you are a bass lover, then I strongly recommend you to buy this product. The MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D subs are the perfect combination of value and performance you will ever get. To modify your car’s music system and to give them life, this is the best product you will ever get.

Unbelievable Strength with Durability

MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D combines a perfect subwoofer design and a perfect enclosure to give you the best-added performance of your music system. Your expectation will exceed by the bass delivered by this sub. This is a unit with a dual 12″ sealed enclosure which has a single terminal cup that shows a 2Ω load to any amplifier which is connected to it. The enclosure used the subwoofers which include polypropylene dust cap that ensure the durability of the product. So you don’t have to be concerned regarding the product’s durability.

The enclosure is made of 5/8 inch MDF which means medium density fiberboard which is so much preferred material than the others. The 5/8 inch MDF is stronger that ensures you that the enclosure can handle massive low sound wave frequency produced by the subwoofers. So, strength and durability are not your concern. Enjoy the best from it.

Spider Plateau Venting System

The system is very much efficient and helpful for this product and for this feature the MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D subs are one of the best among all. Let’s know about it. It is a mechanical cooling process which allows your subwoofer to refresh the air around the voice coil continuously. That helps to dissipate the heat which is generated by the subwoofers during extended play. So, you will not get any trouble if you listen to songs continuously for a long time with a high volume. It will not get tempered. For this, I can say that this product is temperature efficient. You can use them when there is high temperature outside because this system will response then too.

Power Handling is Amazing

Power is one of the main problems we all face when we use the electronic things. Sometimes our sound system doesn’t get enough power. That’s why the system gives us boring sound and makes our day so much rubbish. Some sub enclosure doesn’t have enough power handling capacity which is a very bad thing for the performance of this product.

Here comes the best sub enclosure which has amazing power handling capacity. Each subwoofer can handle 200 RMS power. So totally they can handle 400 RMS power which is lots of power. So you don’t have to concern with the power because the thing can utilize the highest power from the amplifier and thus reduce the power loss.

Classic Look with a Contemporary Style

Style and design is a really great factor for buying anything nowadays. A great useful thing with a bullshit design makes the whole thing useless because you will not go for them after taking your first look at them. On the other hand, a good classic look with perfect and stylish design will impress you at first glance. This product has so many unique features, and now you know that. So now it’s time to know about the extra thing you will get from it.

The MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D enclosure is totally wrapped in black aircraft grade carpet which is very much stylish in look. The classic black goes well with all interior. Embroidered Terminator logo with a large Audio logo of MTX ensures you that which brand you are using. They look really so much stylish with these great designs. So, you are getting the best of all.

  • Enjoy heavy bass with a clear sound from this MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D sub enclosure with subwoofers.
  • Adds depth and dimension to your old sound system which outputs a natural sound.
  • Amazing high, low lows and also very easy to install.
  • Very affordable price and really a good investment for a music lover because of its worth it.
  • Passes many environmental tests so that you don’t have to do any tension regarding its durability.
  • If you don’t love heavy bass, then don’t go for it.
  • This product is not waterproof so keep them away from water.
  • They Do not have a crossover frequency adjustment which is totally negligible because you can avoid it by adjusting power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is this just sub enclosure or MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D sub enclosure is a package with subwoofers?

Answer: This is a whole package including the subwoofers.

Question: How long MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D will last?

Answer: I have used them and they lasted approximately 3 years and now I am using my second set of this item. So be sure that they will last much longer with the recommended wattage.

Question: So is this just the speakers or amp come with them too?

Answer: Just the speakers.

Question: Could I put them on monoblock amp?

Answer: Yes, you can put them on monoblock amp but just don’t bridge it.

Final Verdict

So this is the last part of the MTX Terminator Review, and by the time you must know about all of its unbeatable and unique features. This is the best sub enclosure you will ever get. And you are not getting just sub enclosure; it is a package with subwoofers. If you want that your investment must be solid and you expect that your subs will service, you so nicely for upcoming 2 or 3 years, then I will say that you come to the right place for a good investment. You are getting this MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D subs with an affordable price, and you are getting an amazing bass and unmatched performance which you will love.

I especially recommend this subs to you because of its incredible and heavy bass which will bring life to your car’s sound system. For this unique feature, MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D subs are one of the best in the world. I tried to give you a complete knowledge about this amazing product as I used them and really fell in love with them.

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