The Car Subwoofer Brands List with Buying Guide

Selecting the best subwoofer for your home theater or your car is not a cakewalk. You need to recognize what sort of bass will be suitable for you. They are available in different sizes with different brands for you to choose upon. You know that biggest subwoofer isn’t the best one always.

There are many good subwoofer brands but it is very hard to choose the best subwoofer brands. The user should know that different size of the subwoofer does produce music of a different kind. So, while selecting the best subwoofer, you should emphasize more on its features rather than looking for the size.

Car Subwoofer Brands List

Top Car Subwoofer Brands List

If you are thinking to buy a subwoofer for your card and looking the best brand, here comes the list of the car subwoofer brands for you. Let’s have a look on some of the best features offered by different brands:

JL AudioJL Audio

The JL Audio is one of the car subwoofer brands as they offer a high standard of quality performance. The brand with its quality product has established a benchmark in the domain and looks forward to conquering new milestones every day. The subwoofer is available in several sizes starting with 5-inch to 12-inch subwoofer.

Let’s have a close look at some of the features offered by JL Audio:

  • The JL Audio uses the technology of W-Cone assembly. The subwoofer can handle any wear and tear ones and uses two skin, body design for the same.
  • The brand uses a floating cone to provide an improved sound quality in the surroundings.
  • To cut the mechanical interference and sound distortion the JL Audio uses lead wire design.
  • The frame cooling design is applied for producing effective sound quality.

With the span of decades of their presence in the market, they have proven their worth and are quite long lasting to keep.


The Alpine is one of the brands that can handle extreme bass without failing. Their recent models are quite well known for the best dependability and strength. Let’s have a close look at the some of the features offered by Alpine below:

  • The Alpine subwoofer is available in the marketplace ranging from little to bigger ranges starting from “8” to “15” and have different a power handling configuration.
  • The subwoofer has respective featuring cones that are built up of Kevlar and are surrounded by Santoprene HAMR.
  • They are not battery operated and are connected with wires to other devices.

The Alpine brand offers premium customer services to their users and is just call away if you require any kind of technical assistance from them.


The best car subwoofer brands list features Rockford from decades. They are one of the budget-friendly subwoofers which are available in the market in different sizes. Let’s have a close look at different features offered by the subwoofer:

  • The car and truck are installed with the various models of portable Rockford subwoofer. They are light weighted and is quite easy to install them in any vehicle.
  • The subwoofer arrives with superior quality and low distortion
  • The high-volume bass produced by them is their best features. As they feature quite a responsive Kevlar Fiber paper cone, with an anodized cap made up of aluminium to protect the cap. The Rubber surrounding the cone is oversized and increases the surface area of the cone to 25%.

Although the Rockford present in the market can take you aback through its pricing but don’t doubt the quality of the speaker because of the same as they are offering a strong punch to the industry.

Polk AudioPolk Audio

The Polk Audio is one of the car subwoofer brands. The combination of superior bass and lightweight material makes the Polk Audio as a must have sound box. The latest models of the brand are launched with 12 cones and cross the line of watts of 700 to give a clear and decent sound for the listeners. Let’s have a quick look at the features offered by the subwoofer:

  • The brand is marine certified and does offer IP56 rating too, which impresses the user by giving a perfect bass in the worst of the environment too.
  • The various models offered by the brands don’t only work best in outdoors but are quite capable of not making a hole in your pocket.
  • The ABS basket which has a fiberglass reinforced on the body of the subwoofer to help the user out with the perfect voice.

Final words

If you are planning an excursion or adventurous trip than you will find quality subwoofer as an essential requirement. As they can bring the thrill while you travel on the other hand makes you relax while you seek comfort.  If you are buying the best car speakers and subwoofers then you should know which brand is good for you.

Prioritize your requirements before you buy them. Do check for discounts in various platforms so that you a get reasonable deal. Here you will get a lots speaker reviews with the best car subwoofer brands list that will help to choose the best speakers and subwoofers for your home and card.

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