The Best Car Speakers Reviews of 2018: Buying Guide

Having the best car speakers in low price is little tricky. A high-quality speaker is an excellent way of having fun with a great quality music in your vehicle while you are driving on the road. It can change the overall mood of the trip, casual driving or racing. There are so many options out there including the verity of sounds which makes the selecting the car speakers even tougher.

Many people who wants to replace their old speaker consider the price more than the specification. They think a speaker won’t last for two years so why would risking on a significant investment. But it’s not true. If you research a bit, you will understand even a cheap speaker with decent sound can last long if well maintained. So at first be cleaner about your demands than looking for the top rated car speakers in your budget.

Why You Need A Car Speaker?

You need to ensure that the equipment of your vehicle when you are looking for the cheap car speakers. These depend on the quality performance of your ideal speaker and sound quality. The speaker comes with your car won’t made for the long run, so you probably don’t want to waste your money on another second speaker.

So that we tried some excellent speaker that are in height rating points of different types of users. We tried some of them on some real user including our vehicles. That may look for you a particle process, so we get some real opinion about these speakers from the user before going all these experiments. So you can have all the experience that you want to know the form in our car speakers reviews.

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What Kind of Speaker Should Buy For Your Car?

Full range speakers and component speaker systems these are too category of after market vehicle speakers. There are few advantages and disadvantages of this speaker to use. Let’s see what about their pros cons and which one fits best to your car.

Full Range Car Speakers

The name is telling it contains all things that you account on the car speakers. A single full-range car speaker comes with a woofer for lows; a tweeter mounted on the woofer to provide highs. Midrange or Super Tweeter could include on additional tweeter. If you want the highest performance without any complications the considering the full range speaker is wise decisions.

Additionally, they come with lots of verities that mounts easily into the location on your factory speaker. Most of the full-range speakers can be fit with a free Crutchfield wiring harness and install on the site. And the best part of this kind of speaker is you can have it in all power and price range in the market.

Component speakers

These speakers are well built and excellently designed to provide the best performance that you can imagine. Commonly, a component system includes separate woofer, external crossover, and tweeters. You have to connect all of them part by part. The tweeter which comes separately on the component system should mount in a place that could provide the better imaging. It will provide perfect music with realistic sound with real and great depth.

In a component system, the crossover network comes externally to the woofer and tweeter to ensuring the intelligent delineation in frequencies sent to other drivers. Which means more realistic sound to hear form the system. Besides components systems are made with high-quality materials rather than the full range counter parts. That is why they can deliver all the detail and compelling music stand than full full-range car speakers.

Pivoting or swiveling tweeters

Full-Range speakers with rotating tweeter are best for the door speakers. They can produce high frequencies in directional manners so pivoting tweeters can aim towards the listener low to high. Pivoting tweeter can bring a realistic sense of dark sounds.

Clip-on tweeter:

  • The separable tweeter is suitable for both components and full-range systems. This option makes the speaker reusable for different types of vehicle.


  • For separate frequencies, the component system uses external crossover for efficient sound production. Some of the crossovers have additional input terminals for bi-amping. Here you connect double sets of cable with a set of carrying a signal form an own amplifier.

Both low and high-frequency drivers- woofer and tweeters received fanatical amplification. If you want serious performance from your speaker to look for this features too.

Top Picks Best Car Speakers 2018

Researching of new vehicle speaker bring here and hopefully we can give some honest information about your searching product. You are thinking of replacing factory speaker than its better try with some low-cost speaker to give a try. There are lots of car speakers available both online and local market which could make a choice difficult more. So we did all the research or testing for you.

1. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker

Let’s start with a very affordable and appealing one. The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime offers good sound quality, easy installation, durability and many more. It will be a perfect option for the factory speaker of your vehicle if you are thinking to replace it. The speakers are very good at quality looks nice and also durable. If you want to bring out the best performance from the speaker, then you need an ideal size of the enclosure with proper space and air.

The car speaker has the vacuum polypropylene cone with a silk dome midrange tweeter. It’s a 12 mm dome mounted Piezo tweeter. It offers distortion-free sound and deep bass. Also, the speaker has a grill and mounting hardware for stronger performance. It keeps the cone and tweeter protected and gives a stable base to perform well.

The speaker is surrounded by thick rubber entirely. This rubber is very rigid but flexible and won’t break or fall apart. The nominal impotence of the speakers is 4 ohm, and the frequency response is 52 Hz-20 kHz. With a single 12V battery it can perform more than good which other expensive speakers cannot.

On the power handling, the peak power of the speaker is 90 Watts, and the RMS is 45 Watts. However, the crossover is 6dB with an integrated crossover of course.

Overall, the Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is surprisingly powerful and clear for that little money (the price). It has decent bass, detailed and sharp sound which really good to impress anyone. So, the speakers could be an ideal replacement for your front door speakers. It also comes with wire and grill which another surprise for this price ranger. If you like to try a something that lasts for at least two years and serve you well, then this is the thing you want.

  • Beautiful and bright sound.
  • Included grill and mounting hardware.
  • Rubber surrounded speaker.Required one 12v battery.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • The bass is weak but workable.

Maybe they are the lack of bass but great for providing crystal clear sounds. Even with the high speech volume, they don’t cut out. So if you want to hear some clear quality sound and happy with small bass, you can have these 3-way coaxial speakers. Buy it here

2. JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

If you want a home theater like sounds in your car from now then here is a great option for you, the BL GTO638. This is a three-way speaker with same 6.5 inches size like our first one had. JBL speakers are good for rich and big detailed sound. It’s very light but stiff and has more than 25% active surface area compared than other speakers in this size. The speaker is good for delivering an audible rise in the bass output and of course the efficiency.

The speaker comes with Plus One patented woofer cone, 6-1/2, and 6-3/4-inch three ways, loudspeakers. It also has one Mylar-titanium tweeter and adaptable super tweeter with the level controlling system. However, the speakers can handle 180 watts of peak power, 60 watts of continuous power. It has mid-range impedance- 2 ohms. Its added low Q woofer design gives the higher bass output from the typical mounting location and maximum power handling which get your vehicle booming.

The BL GTO638 is a low impedance speaker voice coils. The coils extract more power form the ampere for potential performance comparison to other high impudence voice coils. Moreover, the speaker is fit for any aftermarket head units or factory installed systems from 2 to 4-ohm models.

At first, while I saw in the description that the speakers are claiming to have the home theater like quality tweeter I doubted. But while the test with a’10 Subaru Forester they are great, the vocal was amazing, detailed sound note very close to hi-fi home audio. The reason for saying this ‘close to’ because of the highs was wee piercing. But it’s not that you are in a big room with pin drop silence to notice the every high and low. It’s a car after all so; overall we enjoyed its sound quality very much which makes us admit that yes the speaker can play like home theaters.

  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Well JBL sound quality.
  • Three-way design delivers true audiophile sound quality.
  • Design for pull maximum power out of your system.
  • Bass quality is not so good.
  • Made for limited vehicles models.

Read all the manual and instruction given with shipping box carefully. It’s easy to install, but it does not mean you can fix it by wearing a blindfold. Also changing the real 2-ohm performance rewires all the connections with 16AWG speaker wire directly from the speaker to AMP by passing factory wiring. It will give the best result of the speaker.

Buy it on Amazon

3. Pioneer TS-A6996R A-Series 650W 5-Way Speakers

Here is another best car speakers for bass and sound quality with surprisingly cheap value. Pioneer always has a reputation for making a quality speaker. That is why we decide to find the latest model that offers a great deal and features altogether. The Pioneer TS-A6996R A-Series car speakers are best suited this category. It’s a 6X9 inches speakers with 4 ways which built for handling high power. The speaker can handle 100 watts if continuous and maximum 650 watts of pick power. Visual its all black simple oval speaker just like most of the other Pioneer speakers have.

The car speaker is a perfect option to choose to replace the old factory speaker of your car. Its improved sound quality gives you the performance you want better than any factory subwoofer speakers at very affordable value.

The Pioneer TS-A6996R comes with multilayer mica matrix cone woofer and soft dome tweeter. Its frequency response is 28Hz-38 kHz, 4-ohm nominal impedance, 2600HZ of crossover frequency and 93 dB of sensitivity. The features and capabilities of the speaker are not only seems upgraded they are great in reality while producing sounds. You will notice the difference ordinary to extraordinary, hazy to sharp bass which makes you enjoy every moment of the music.

In addition, the car speakers are covered with the mesh grills. It’s incorporated into new spider design made with same mesh materials. This component also used in PRS series too for stiffer suspension and more importantly for a precise response. The speakers are good at remain cool during the play time. Its air vent cooking basket increases the cooling system to deduct the heat created by overpowering. So the device remains in well and working condition for a long time.

The product is also easy to install. Infect it’s easy to set up the speaker than removing the front door. However, if you have little knowledge of mounting speakers than the total installation process will be just a piece of cake!

  • 5-way speakers which suitable for all needs.
  • Speaker weight is only 5.5 pounds.
  • No needs to be modified to adjust your vehicle.
  • Shallow drivers side ports.
  • Easy to setup in the front door.
  • Crutchfield is wrong.
  • But zero mids/lows.

Overall sound quality is good. If you want to improve the mid and low frequencies, you can add tuning tubes to enhance the features. This speaker worth the quality, features, and value. Buy it here

4. Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coax Speakers (Pair)

Our next review for the top rated car speaker is for Kicker 41DSC44 two ways speakers. These speakers would be a perfect replacement for your worn-out, tired stock speakers. They are good at sound quality, deep and clean bass and come with the surprisingly cheap rate. This two-way speaker provides mid-bass thump and clean, airy highs that’s missing from stocks speakers.

The Kicker 41DSC44 comes with a shallow mounting profile, minimal tweeter protrusion, and high sensitivity design. This design gives it the tight window mechanism clearances and more output when pairing up with stock receivers.

The power range of the speaker is 120 watts (peak power). And the RMS range is 2-30 watts along with 88dB sensitivity and 60-20000 Hz frequency range. It weighs only 2.8 lbs. So the speakers are fairly light and easy to install. Usually, its suits any model of trucks, cars, van, etc. but to make sure just goes to their official website to know either the speakers are compatible with your car or not. Just input the year, model and manufacturer name on the required fields on the website, and it will tell what fits.

In addition, the speakers have ½ inch PEI domed tweeter with the grill included. The PEI is the short name of poly-etherified. It provides a smooth high-frequency response with quick and detailed sounding. Also, it has a strong neo-dynamic magnet which handles more power without any glitch.

You will also get necessary butt connectors, self-tapping screws, speed clips and many other things. The DS- series speakers come with rigid and shallow polypropylene woofer cone. It’s resistant to high temperature, and moisture so stays fit for very long time. The woofer is ribbed with polyester foam surroundings. The foam surrounding gives the speakers much less distortion and extended cone excursion for additional bass output and higher SPL. Here you can find another kicker series speakers with good price.

  • Easy to install.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Fast and clean response.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Offers two years of manufacturer warranty.
  • Bass is performance averages.

You can compare the price its outstanding speaker for all, especially for the beginner. You can also install by yourself if your little knowledge about speaker installation. However, the manufacturer offers two years of warranty for these car speakers. Click Here for Buy it

5.  JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5″ CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

We bring another exclusive and affordable set of car speakers which can exceed any OME 6.5-inch speakers. The JVC CS-J620 300W has the ability to handle any modest amplifier and bring out the life from your audio system. These light CS Series- 2 ways car speakers have 600 watts peak power, 60 watts of RMS and 92 dB of sensitivity. The speakers have 4 ohms of nominal impedance, and 35- 22000 Hz of frequency response. JVC CS-J620

The speakers can handle the highs and lows quite well which lead to deep and sharp bass compare than your factory speakers. Its one-inch polyether imide composed dome tweeter makes it’s more upgrade to balance on high and lows. This dome can reach more than 22000 Hz frequency peak without a simple glitch. Beside it handles the lows good as well. For that, it has a hybrid, rubber and cloth surroundings on its Mica cone. All these combinations of these materials with tweeter produce an ideal range of sound which way better than the OEM drivers.

The JVC CS-J620 is built with the extremely light 1-26/32 inch shallow fame. So the installation process is relay easy and painless. You can install the frame without the worry of hitting the windows tracks or anything in the door panel. Besides that, it has pre-arranged hole pattern to ease further the tension of modifying the speaker to fit in your car. It may require some bit of modification for its extra screws and mounting tabs. But it’s really simple and completely hassle-free.

Overall, the speakers are an ideal option for those looking under 30$. It’s fit for a pair with any modern deck. It does not require much power but great for mid and high bass.

  • High quality sound provider.
  • Surrounded by Hybrid Rubber and Cloth.
  • Comes with multiple fit adapter rings.
  • Only 2.2 pounds weight.
  • No extra wire included with the speakers.

If you are thinking to replace your old speaker, then you may use this one. Overall it’s a great car speaker to enjoy music on the road. Buy The Product here

6. Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

The Polk Audio DB6501 speaker is one of the best subwoofer manufacturers which have a huge collection of all ranges high quality yet reasonable pricing products. The Polk Audio DB6501 is a true “small box big surprise box.” It’s from 2007 DB series with superior looks and amazing sound quality. The car speaker is 6.5 inches with two-way components system. It works great with OEM factory systems including the high powered head units and apparatuses power amps.

In terms of technical features, the speakers have 35 Hz to 23 kHz overall frequency response 4 ohms of Nominal Impedance, and 92 dB of efficiency. The speakers can handle 100 watts of continuous power and 300 watts of peak power. Overall this all combination is great for high-quality soundings with any music system.

The car woofer comes with a 25 mm polymer composite dome tweeter. This liquid-cooled composite with neodymium magnet provides sharper, detailed and deep highs that can totally change the mode of a soundtrack.

For woofers the car speaker has polymer or mica composite minerals filled cone. The cone is made out of balanced composite which makes it equality rigid but lightweight. And for the big sound, it makes less distortion. It also has extremely durable butyl rubber-surrounding, that is won’t apart while the cone gets overheated by sunlight or extreme period of usage. That is the reason these speakers last a very long time.

Polk DB6501 car speakers are well built so it can survive in any toughest environments. You can use them in your boat, ship, etc. as well. Its marine certified which state, the speakers fit for use in or near marine. Even Polk Audio speakers come with all the award-winning Nautiques skies and wake-boarding boards of Correct Craft.

  • Affordable price.
  • Good quality sound in any volume.
  • Beautiful silver colors.
  • The tabs are snap easily by hands.
  • The installation requires little time.

Theses Polk Audio speakers system consists of adapter brackets which have lots of tabs to fit a verity of factory mounted level. It requires some bit more time for installing but it worth. Overall it’s a long durable product with excellent sound quality and service.

Buy it here on Amazon

7. Alpine SPR-60C 6.5″ Car Audio Component System (Pair)

For exceptional sound and performance, there is nothing better than Alpine SPR-60C 6.5 inch. These speakers’ offers loud, sharp and deep bass that other can imagine only. It’s an R-type speaker suitable for those people who like it turn it high while driving. The speakers play dynamic sound with proper bass and more importantly full control of volume. It’s fit for your car stereo, or you can pair them up with other music systems comfortably.

The car speakers are well known for clarity and place. It features 6-1/2 inch multi-layer fusion fiber woofers that supply a heavy-duty bass response on every beat. The speakers are surrounded by a strong rubber cover which specially created for their subs. This cover gives them a constant, enhanced cone movement that helps to thrusts a lot of air. Its one-inch silk doom tweeters create smooth high which brings out every detail and depth of music but no shrillness.

Moreover, the speaker mounts the EQ ring in front of these tweeters to despise the high for wide listening best sounds or rhythm while you are driving. In addition, the tweeters are mounting separately so you can focus the sound better according to your seating placement.

The peak power of the speaker is 330 watts, and the RMS power is 110 watts. Its nominal independence is 4 ohms, and frequency response is 65-29,000 Hz. The best car speakers for bass has seven level of tweeter adjustment which makes a lot easier to adjust the sound.

Alpine SPR-60C speakers have the powerful neodymium magnets. Consequently, its high-density polymer frames fit into more area which other same size speakers cannot. Also, it external two ways crossover network controls the min and max frequencies for more clear and seamless sound.

  • Frequency Response: 70-29 kHz.
  • Top Mount Depth- 2 ¼ inches.
  • The speaker comes with reasonable price.
  • Very good design and well responsive.
  • Quality pair of speaker brackets, grilles and mounting hardware.
  • Need another amp of getting the better result.
  • Not so loud that it should be.

With these speakers, you certainly need some good power source to drive it. We used the Sound Stream PSD4 100 while delivers at 4 Ohms 140 Watts per channels. It’s still great and hopefully never disappoint you at all. Buy it here

8. HERTZ HCX 165 6.5″ 2-Way Hi-Energy Coaxial Speakers HCX165

Last but definitely not least our final best car speaker review is for HERTZ HCX speakers. If you want something well-built, rigid, and high performative in a mid-range budget then here is a better option for you. The HERTZ HCX 165 6.5 inches has been popular since it came to the market for all those facilities. This speaker made quite a research and changing lot more things that its previous models had. It’s the high energy two-way speakers ensures constant and long-lasting performance in any modern vehicles compartments. The specialty if this speaker is they can offer thrilling and excellent sounds at a max level always.

These best car speakers have all the features as an advance speaker should have. Such as big size magnet, KSV former, a wholesome copper voice coil wound, aerodynamic gasket and damped mash fiber. Also, the Turning high-frequency contour, RHFC, etc. enables the system to incline and rotate the tweeter close to the heeding point. Especially the RHFC gives you the flexibility to tune the response in any position.

The HERTZ HCX 165 has the soft iron plates which the part of its symmetrical magnetic flux motors. These plates are good for high heat dissipation. Also, its oversize magnet provides a good amount of energy to give the best sound and maximum control.  These speakers have peak power max 200 watts and continuous power of 100 watts. Its nominal impudence is 4 ohm with 92 dB sensitivity and 50 Hz to 22 kHz.

The speaker does not come with grills; it has the vented bottom pate which works for thermal and linearity indulgence. To lessen the distortion and vibration it has the rubber made magnet cover. It reduces spurious vibrations that create inside while playing music. Polymer rubber also surrounds the speakers. So, you hear soft but sharpen and deep bass every moment.

  • High-quality material and construction.
  • The sound can be directed due to swivel tweeter.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Rotary high-frequency contour.
  • Two-way 6.5” coaxial wire.
  • It’s not waterproof.

The HERTZ HCX 165 definitely worth your time and investment for the long run. It’s high to install maximum type of bike so you can enjoy quality music while riding.

Buy The Product here

best car speakers for bass and sound quality

What to Look for Buying a Car speakers?

Sensitivity- Sensitivity is a major factor in choosing, but it does not mean the higher sensitivity rating is suitable for better quality sounds. The linking up between sensitivity rating and sound quality is the total opposite. If want to buy something for your high-powered stereo system or receiver then go for the speaker with lower sensitivity. Higher sensitivity rating is the best to match for high-powered stereo like 16 watts due to the lowest sensitivity.

Well powered speaker or speaker pair could give you the excellent sound quality that you are looking for. Same thing goes for low-quality stereos like the factory installed the sound system. Use high sensitivity more than 90 dB for below 16 watts RMS per channel car stereo.


The power handling measured with Watts, means how much watts you speaker can deal with. So, if your speaker is low powered system then could not handle high power. Furthermore, a stereo which has powerful external amps demand a speaker that can deal with the amps output. When you are seeing the specification of a speaker always remember to consider the max RMS for highest power handling.

What some people say about the peak power is good to find high power handling, but it’s not. It’s the RMS rating which practically measures the quantity of power handling on a regular basis. So if your speaker is low powered stereo than going for ’10-80′ is better than ‘2-50’ watts RMS rated.


For the volume, you should consider the highest volume level on the top car speaker for bass without subwoofer. Even you are not fond of high volume glass breaking performance, but still, it gives you the cleaner and hi-fi sound quality in low/mid volumes.


This feature handles a speaker’s mid and low tones. Grunge music lover and beneficiary from the car woofer most. Because it can transmit grunge guitar’s entirety. These are available in both full range and components system. Its responsible for low frequencies on a component system.


Entire frequencies are sent to tweeter and woofer in full range system. These speakers are good to deal with frequencies which are not polluted with tweeter and woofer. Sub-Woofers is vital for every component system. It also requires of using an amplifier. The subwoofer is excellent for deep sound and bass.Subwoofer:


Tweeter is responsible for dealing high frequencies. It can also handle the crashing cymbals very smartly. In full range system, the tweeter is used combined. Some speaker uses tweeter as a single unit. it capable of making high frequencies that can take the tweeter to the next level. But super tweeter only available on components system. Maintaining high frequencies you can install super tweeter separately.

Build Quality

Factory speaker comes with flat features and cheap materials which can keep up on your using for a very long time. So after a while its need to be replaced. Even low-quality materials are deniable on the speaker you are going to choose. It can provide flat and dull sound that could stress your ears. So, with other specifications consider the high-quality speakers too. You should look for in materials like,

Woofer Materials

Both full-range and component speaker needs lightweight and stiff material made woofer to produce a low note in your sounds. That is the reason most of the manufacture made woofer with plastic films such as PP (Polypropylene). This material serves weak to get a better result for the long/short run. This martial combine with Mica made a speaker tougher and helped to provide a correct bass response. There are some other materials like aluminum, titanium coats with fabric or synthetic also made the woofer lightweight, stiff and provided excellent response. These materials protect the woofer from heat, cold, water and moisturizer.

Tweeter materials

The tweeter elements are important for what kind of sound a speaker can produce. Usually, it made of soft components like silk, poly, textile blends, etc. these refined the generated sounds and reduce noises. But materials like metal, graphite, and ceramics are created the bright and snappy sounds. So, the type of your preference should consider on tweeter materials.

Rubber surrounding speakers, cone. They last for a long time and also improve the sound superiority. Rubber is the first option for suitable material, your second option is, textile and foam surroundings. Foam or textile or papers surrounding are good to provide better sound.

Usually, speakers are not designed to deliver low frequencies reproduction while playing the music. It’s also not as bass commonly. But man company keep the option for their speakers spartanly. It may cost you a little more than average. If you want this option for your regular speaker then look for the rigid, woofer material on the speaker you are going to choose. Speakers with lightweight woofer materials such as Polypropylene combine with metal-covered synthetic fabrics, and high stiff is last long and provide good bass.

Final Thoughts

With the break, steering wheels, engine and other items having a sound system become mandatory for every driver and passenger. People love to enjoying songs, soundtracks, and movies on the road both normal and long drive. Even its essential to keep drive awake when the is driving all night long. Usually started factory speaker could serve the positive test of luscious sounds that a listener want to hear. So here comes to rescue the different brand and model of speaker pair or solo door speaker for the car.

We tried to mention all the quality features and service of this speaker so you can understand and choose wisely. After reading, please do compare all these speakers once again to make the final purchase. There is a link to details under every product if you need to more information or buy one from the best car speakers at the right price.

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