The Best 6X9 Speakers Reviews of 2019

Who doesn’t love music? Nice weather and a great song with a clear and open sound makes our day great. To get more clear and better sound form television, computer or other device, people use speaker. The best 6×9 Speakers are for you if you are looking for a replacement of your old sound speaker with a new and better one.

So, maybe you are searching for a suitable and classy replacement of your old sound speaker which should have excellent sound quality with a heavy bass and also in affordable price then these reviews will help you a lot. Here you get top 12 sound speakers of many well-known companies. If you really want to get anew one, then I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

What is the 6X9 Speakers?

New speakers bring life to your music. If you need a music system in your home, vehicle such as car or office, before buying a new one you have to focus on some special features of the speaker. The size might be one factor because you have to buy a product which fits in your car, vehicle or other places where you want to fit them. Then there are two main things, sensitivity, and power handling. Sensitivity measures the sound you get from your speaker at a given power.

So, you will go for the best speaker brands with high sensitivity rating. Power handling gives you information about your speaker’s power yielding ability. Then there are some other factors which are sound quality, bass, frequency range, manufacturing materials, woofer area, Tweeter’s quality, price etc. We are giving you the list of top rated speakers which will meet these specifications.

Top Picks Best 6X9 Speakers 2018

So, if you are looking a speaker for you, we have a list of the speakers reviews. Here know about some of the top rated 6X9 Speakers with reviews in 2018. See details in below:

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1. New JBL GTO939 6×9″ 300W 3 Way Car Coaxial Audio Speakers

Loudspeakers are number one choice of music lovers especially those who are fond of rock and pop music. That is why we have brought a great option for you to consider. Here is JBL GTO938 6 x 9- Inch 3-Way Loudspeaker which is considered one of the top 6×9 inch speakers available in the market. It offers a great amount of sound heavy bass and detail note that you would find on any ordinary speaker. In comparison to quality, it’s fairly cheap and long-lasting.

The JBL GTO938 Loudspeaker has a unique technology that balances the power and frequency to produce true and deep sound. The music comes from the speaker feels so real that you might give you the impression that you are next to the artist in his studio!

In addition, the speaker pulls out the maximum power with its four-ohm design. Along with the remarkable heavy bass, it makes every bit or rhythm magnificent. Usually, it’s a lightweight (4.4 lbs) speaker and easy to carry or replace. Infect its 2 pounds lighter than our first reviewed speaker. It includes the Mylar- Titanium tweeter which makes it very light but strong also durable.

For the transition of the sound, the speaker has built-in crossover network. This cross-over makes a smoother sound between woofer and tweeter. And it sounds so natural, clear but vivid that you will fall into right after you listen to music to it. The speaker is not only easy to carry or replace it is also easy to install. Anyone without much knowledge of installation can also manage to install it by following the manual.

  • Impressive bass output. If you want heavy bass, then this is the best 6×9 speakers for you.
  • The temperature efficiency of this speaker makes it durable.
  • It has strong mid-range and natural sound quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is durable and temperature efficient.
  • Heavy bass is not liked to all.
  • Upper mid-range is the little bit bright which can be easily negligible.
  • Improvement can be made by including deeper lows instead of louder lows.


So, we have come to the very ending of our review. By that time, I am sure that u have made up your mind to go for the best. Honestly speaking, if the best sound quality is you must requirement then it is the best 6×9 speakers for you. To know more click here.

2. Pioneer TS-A6985R 6″ x 9″ 4-Way TS Coaxial Car Speakers

Nowadays speakers, subwoofers, etc. not the complimentary for the vehicles it becomes compulsory. So, here is another quality speaker especially for cars. The Pioneer TS-A6985R 6X9 is made for only providing best quality sound with high frequency and detailed bass notes. This one is durable, affordable and most important, its reliable. And for the outlook, it has something special that will catch your eyes once you saw it.

The power handling of the Pioneer TS-A6985R is 550 W per pair or 275 W each. The power is well enough for high and deep bass, and the speaker has suitable function to control the watts according to the need and sound level. For the RMS and Sensitivity range, the car speaker has following 200 Watt per unit so the 100 watts for each pair and 91dB. The Frequency level (28-35000Hz) works great for making natural but smooth sounds every time you play music. Compare than any other best 6X9 speakers this frequency level is really high.

The speaker is suitable to fit in any vehicles because of its two ways component packages. Moreover, it uses many materials for more sound clarity and outstanding responsiveness. Its multi-layered Mica Cone materials make it rigid and withstand any power, the stress of heat both from inside and outside.

The Pioneer also has polymer speaker surrounds and high- temperature voice-coil. And increasing the sensitivity it has soft doom tweeter with the waveguide. That’s the reason it can bring out satisfying music every time you turn the speaker on.

  • Suitable for most of the vehicle.
  • Its structure fits perfectly in the car.
  • High sound quality can be obtained.
  • Quite light in weight.
  • Balanced and clear sound can be obtained.
  • Good looking speaker.
  • Bass may seem not up to the mark at very high volume.
  • It might be little tough to get accurate sound in low-frequency condition.


Comprising all the review mentioned above, this is the best affordable speaker if you want a balanced sound in your car other than very precise high and low-frequency sound. Hopefully, this speaker will not disappoint you in the case of its sound quality, outlook, and power consumption.

3. Rockford Fossae R169X3 Prime 6×9 Inch Coaxial Speaker

Are you looking for the best 6X9 inch speakers for your workplace to fell the test of true music, then we have a great option for you. The Rockford Fossae R169X3 Prime 6×9-Inch Coaxial Speaker offers high-quality performance that other could not. It is ideal for those music lovers who love listing music while long driving. If you are bored with your old stock speaker and thinking replacing it then now it’s time to get Rockford Prime Speaker.

The speaker has silk dome Piezo high pass 6dB integrated tweeters which bring out the sound. The sound sensitivity of it is 90dB. It’s stamped with steel basket with protected grills and mounted hardware. The steel basket and the other mounting option keeps all the inside belongings safe from outside stress and scratches. That is the reason the speaker often goes well for a very long time.

The Rockford Fossae R169X3 is a lightweight speaker in comparison to other top-notch speakers available in the market. It’s only 3 kgs or 6.6 pounds and quite easy to move around. It runs with a 12V battery that provides low powered high maintained sound.

In addition, the speaker is optimizing with Keppel verification that increases its performance. Also, it enhanced with the CEA-2031 complaint a speaker that ensures standard all-encompassing machinery. Infect it’s a great replacement for OEM speaker, and it suits any model of vehicle. Just remember to modify your enclosure to fit it well. Overall, it’s an affordable option for a quality car speaker.

  • It has Absolute sound quality.
  • Cheapest 6×9 speaker with high performance.
  • Provides incredible performance consuming low power.
  • It Fits amazingly in car.
  • Better sound without amplifier.
  • Can be installed in a radio toolbox project.
  • Extremely thinned cornered speakers.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Bass distorts, but highs are ok.
  • Limited warranty.
  • Not so loud but clear.
  • Not fitted with every car but can be fitted with mounting brackets.


When you are looking for quality sound at an affordable price then this 6×9 Rockford Fossae R169X3 Prime is the best speaker for you. Although this 6×9 speaker can’t provide loud sound but it ensures you with the best quality sound you can get at this price range.

4. New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6×9″ 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

Here is another best speaker which currently number one most sold car speaker on Amazon. The New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series Car Audio Coaxial Speakers is a three-way speaker which hit the market due to is amazing sound quality and attractive price range. It’s also durable and most importantly powerful too. Often the speaker goes well without any interruption, maintenance hassle for a very long time. Those who want an all-install car speaker can surely consider having this one.

The New Kicker D-Series Car Audio Coaxial Speakers is the best-suited three-way car speaker because of its specialty. It offers sharp, detail but the smooth sound which is the best offerings of its three-way sound feature. It offers an excellent power handling performance of 70 watts RMS and 140 W of peak power.

The car speaker included EVC technology, four-ohm impedance, and 92dB sensitivity. EVC technology rarely includes in-car speakers due to its complicated function and cost. But in here this one makes the sound performance of the speaker quite remarkable.

While testing, we find the mids and highs of the speaker seem great and could complete the musical quality of your ride. Wither high power and technical sides it also has a high-tech cone, heavy-duty voice coils, rubbed surrounding and many more. Its reduced mounting depth is a good option for easy upgrades of your kick panels or car’s door.

Overall it’s a great affordable option as the best 6X9 speaker for car form any brands or model of cars. Its compliment your subwoofer and bring out the best sound that you will fall for. Here another Kicker car speakers.

  • The cheapest Speaker for a car.
  • Best performance.
  • Durable, long lasting performance.
  • Having a magnet on the speaker which is eight times larger than other car speakers.
  • Very Standard in both design and sound.
  • Have 1 year’s warranty.
  • The Speakers cannot be run through more than two weeks without giving them a break.
  • It may blow up if you don’t use it carefully.


If you are a car lover and also fond of music, then this New Kicker 43DSC69304 Car Speaker is the best product for you. It’s fantastic sound will drive u crazy and as its name implies “Kicker speakers” would kick on your heart.

5. Alpine SPE-6090 6×9″ 2-way Car Audio Speakers (Pair)

Here is another best 6X9 speaker for cars that is hugely popular for its incredible performance. The quality, workmanship, service, and cost of the speaker have brought tremendous success to the company. However, we think the ALPINE SPR-69 two-way coaxial speaker is a perfect option for those are looking for affordable speakers for their vehicles. In the recent time, the speaker has a new level of power management and quality sound producing facility.

The Alpine SPE-6090 is a dual way sound system speaker. More elaborately it has two sets of built-in tweeter covering a huge range of sound compare than a normal speaker. That is how it can provide clearer and louder sound along with the better bass response. You will only understand the difference between the music qualities once you hear it in real life.

The car speaker is oval in shape and quits versatile to place in any model of car. Compare then those round speakers its looks good with any car interior and makes a different impression. The top mount depth of it is only 2-7/8. So it will blend with the enclosure perfectly.

For better sound quality the car speaker has a powerful magnet. It works for not only louder but clear sounds. Besides, the durability of the magnet is quite remarkable.

The Speaker made the sound more enjoyable completely and noise-free using its wave guard technology. It has 200w RMS, 300 watts of the peak power of each pair. Its new style grill, multiple layers of cones offers full woofer protection and strong bass reaction. Also, its HAMR and polymer frame makes it stronger and evenly durable.

  • The speaker not only a smart and stylish design but also a marvelous performance.
  • It has a range of power handling of 60W in Peak and RMS Power handling of 150W/pair.
  • It has also 65Hz – 18,000Hz frequency range for a proper bass response.
  • For powerful audio, it has 91dB of sensitivity which is unique.
  • When the power goes beyond 100W then it can hardly handle.
  • In very few cases it may sound worse.


Well, so far, we have talked about too much about the Alpine SPE-6090 2-Way Coaxial Speakers. Although in some cases it works worse than average, considering all of its configurations we can say that Alpine SPE-6090 is the best speaker. Moreover, it is also the cheapest speaker unlikely most other speakers have lots of such amazing features.

6. New Pioneer TS-G6945R 300 Watts 6″ X 9″ 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

Here is another best 6X9 speaker from Pioneer family. This one is little similar to other Pioneers speaker we discussed earlier but with more watts. The New Pioneer TS-G6945R is modern car speaker with lot more promising performances. So, it could be a great option if you are thinking of upgrading your car speaker. It provides smooth sound, strong bass and adjustable low and mid frequencies.

The speaker has basalt IMX comes which helps to produce natural sounds. This revolutionary speaker cone gives strength and durable performance maintaining the balance of power as well. For efficient sound and uninterrupted enactment, the car speaker has high-quality crossovers. This one improves the sound transition at mid to high frequencies. And the tweeter provides smoother mid-range sound and tackles the overall situation for true soundings.

Therefore, the horizontal transition of sound in tweeter, mid-bass and open staging enhance the effect of widening the sound. As a result, the speaker provides open sound with enhanced vocal imaging. Its additional chamber tweeter works on that too by extends the mid-range frequency.

The New Pioneer TS-G6945R speaker comes with double layer injected molded matrix, with aramid fiber cone, and many more usually physics. The sensitivity level of the speaker is 300 watts per pair of power handling. The speaker has 27Hz – 40kHz frequency response. Also the thick woofer basket with large sized woofer magnet good for truncated distortion

  • Suitable for most of the vehicle.
  • Because of its structure fits perfectly in the car.
  • High sound quality can be obtained.
  • Quite light in weight.
  • Balanced and clear sound can be obtained.
  • Good looking speaker
  • Bass may seem not up to the mark at very high volume.
  • It might be little tough to get accurate sound in low-frequency condition.


As you know about the unique features of this product, you may realize that you will not get disappointed. If the features meet your requirements, then this is the speakers for you. So, wait for what?

7. Pyle PL6984BL 6 x 9-Inch 400-Watt 4-Way Speakers

We tried to pick all the good quality speakers that come with a decent price amount. So, here is another one, the Pyle PL6984BL 6 x 9-Inch 400-Watt 4-Way Speakers. This is specially made for the budget minded enthusiast. It can give you crystal clear sound with its 50 Hz to 20 kHz frequency responses.

Most of the midrange sound listener will find the speaker more reliable. It’s easy to install, required low maintenance and long durability. This is also a high powered multi-function and remarkable speaker with a bold look. This yellow speaker with black surroundings likes elegant to any vehicles. Moreover, you can pair it with any music system you want to.

The sound system of the speaker composed of 4-way car speaker. It has a poly-injected yellow cone, in-line capacitor, etc. the cones give the speaker a super balance of frequency and desaturation free performance. The capacitor works to prevent other equipment of the system from any kind of damage.

The power of the speaker is more than 400 watts. It combines with 5 x Super Film Tweeter which helps a good power management and smooth sound production. Besides, it has some 50 oz. magnets which provide well frequency responsive capacity

Furthermore, its high pass filter prevents the low-frequency sound and noise to make every note detailed and perfect. This speaker system includes wires, installation materials, and grills. These protect the entire system from stress, pressure and even from sunlight. It also has the magnet boot cover, aluminum voice coil, and Butyl rubber surround.

  • It can handle power up to 400 watts RMS.
  • Quality sound as frequency response from 50 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Strong capacitor for excellent and boosted bass sound.
  • The speakers with excellent performance.
  • The speakers may not work smoothly if the temperature and frequency rise suddenly.
  • The system may give a cracking sound sometimes.


The Pyle Gear has already become popular as one of the cheap 6×9 speakers with best quality sound in spite of having some limitations. Its variable range of frequency response with smart outlook has made this, one of the best 6×9 speakers. So if you thinking of buying this one you can see the latest price more details from below link.

8. Kenwood KFC-6965S 6×9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers

Last but definitely not least our final review. Here is another extremely cheap car speaker with best convenient size. The Kenwood KFC-6965S is advance and versatile speaker for any type of vehicles. It’s a flush mounting three ways speakers consisting of polypropylene hybrid cone surround with rubber butyl. This surrounding works to lower the change of wearing and keep the music playing in any conditions. For more dynamic response the speakers have the diamond array pattern. This patter lowers the distortion as much as possible with the help of the ferrite magnet.

Those people who want something that provides powerful bass and the top level of treble form their in-vehicle entertainment, they will enjoy these speakers. The maximum power output of the speakers is 600 watts and 45 watts RMS. This equals to a punchy 89 dB/w at the 1mm sensitivity range. The frequency range is also high 60Hz to 2500, so you can play better any levels of music in highest volume.

Kenwood speakers come in sleek black color and round shape with a silver finish around the treble output. It’s hard steel basket also in the same color and enhances the look pretty well. It’s hard, fully vented and save the speaker from unnecessary damage.

The speakers set includes two car speakers- 153 mm by 229 mm with mid-range section (25 mm) consisting of a soft Dome Diaphragm. This one inch or 25mm dome design helps to push out the sound like the ¾ inch or 19mm PEI balanced design do.

At the price range, these speakers are really surprising. The serve phenomenal sound quality at all frequencies even you paused the limit in the top level. Also, it pretty much easy to install anyone knowledge on a basic level of the device set up skills. Just make sure your enclosures are matched to its size and shaper correctly.

Final Verdict

Well, we come to the very ending of the best 6×9 speakers reviews. Now you know the reason why we listed them in our top list. They provide you the latest and most unavoidable features. So, if sound quality is your best need or you want to listen to music with heavy bass then these products are well suited for you. You can use them as your heart want. Want to listen to music for a long duration? No problem because they will not be overheated. We do our best to find the top rated 6×9 speakers for you. So, thanks for reading these reviews. I hope they would help you.

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